Educational iPhone Apps #1 – Ah, the possibilities

If you’re like me you love your iPhone and have been looking for ways to integrate into your teaching, preparation (in fact I wrote most of this post on my iPhone), or furthering your educational knowledge. The beauty of theses devices is that apps can be downloaded. I’ll take a look at 5 apps every month, and since I have an iPhone I’ll be looking at what is available in the iTunes App Store. I try to find free apps but every now and again I’ll be tempted by something more. So here we go.
EMD PTE – Periodic Table App Ah my sophomore year in high school. That was the last time I seriously (if you could call it that) studied the known 112 elements of the universe. If you teach any of these elements (even elementary school teachers) then this app is a must. Let me just say that this app is one of the most beautiful and functional apps I have ever used. It offers very basic information (even who discovered it) to very detailed information that goes beyond my meager 10th grade chemistry background. Check out the pics below and then check out this app. Oh did I mention it is free?

Click here to for the EMD PTE app
BrainPOP Brain Pop, the popular educational website, now has it’s own iPhone app. It is pretty good. You can easily watch the featured video and there are quizzes you can take. The videos are the same as in the website and if you’ve ever used BrainPOP then you know their videos are incredibly informative. There are also other videos you can watch about a variety of topics. Check out the BrainPOP app or at least the website ( Oh yeah the app is free too.


Click here for the Brainpop app
Edmodo That’s right. The great site I love ( to use has a free iPhone app you can download to your iPhone. The mobile website they have is pretty good, but who has time to log in and all that nonsense. The app is pretty straightforward. It is clearly limited compared to the actual website. On the app you can post messages or alerts to individuals or groups. If I know the peeps at Edmodo I am sure they are working on updates all the time.

Click here for the Edmodo app
ArithmeTick Guess what this app is all about? You got it, radioactive elements. Wait . . . right basic arithmetic. It is pretty straightforward and if you’re working one on one with students about basic skills then this could be very helpful. There are a lot of levels and you can chose if you want addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, all of them, or a mix. Each question has a time limit and it keeps your scores. Even if you start on east the problems get progressively more difficult. It’s not bad and for free it’s a good math app.
Click here for the ArithmeTick app
Clock lite This app is pretty disappointing. All that it allows you to do is look at a clock and then you chose which time is correct. Granted this is the lite (free) version but I can’t see what the paid version could offer. I guess this app could be used for teaching elementary school kids or ESL students as well. I don’t really recommend it though.
Click her for the Kids Clock Lite app (though I don’t recommend it)

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