My Babbling Begins!

Ok, I just have to say, Patrick is a posting machine. I’m Omar and in an effort to avoid looking invisible or illiterate, I have decided to post my first official blog entry. Don’t get too excited as this blog entry has little to no educational value 🙂 It does however count as “babble”.

When Patrick responded to one of my emails “Omar, stop working out, you’re going to make me look fat“. I asked him to stop posting so much or he’ll make me look lazy. Somehow, I don’t see him slowing down, so I have to keep up!

The story behind IT Babble
An ed-tech (did I just coin a buzzword?) blog started by two edugeeks (there it is again, another coined buzzword).

Patrick and I were enjoying some cold refreshing Oranjeboom (of the barley assortment) on his balcony when we decided to start this blog. I don’t know if it was the Oranjeboom talking or if it was the hot Dubai haze that made us loopy, but we had several reasons to start a blog focussed on technology and education and other related babble.

Reasons why we started this blog

  • We are both “educators” and tech geeks
  • We are both superbly skilled in the art of writing (well at least Patrick is, I still rely on my 7th grade grammar book)
  • Our buddy Paulo who is like us said we would never get it started
  • We enjoy information technology advances/changes and how they relate to education
  • We both teach tech, Omar at the High School Level and Patrick at the Middle School level
  • I am stunningly good looking and I thought a blog would propel my modeling career*
  • We have lots of ideas about technology, education and just being a teacher.
  • We have friends in the field (Paulo, Tony, you guys will be asked to post stuff too, there’s no escape!) who can add to this to make it an awesome resource.

Personally, I have a very wide range of ideas that I will be writing about from Photoshop tutorials, creative projects, life as a teacher, etc. I can’t promise to post at a feverish pace, but I’ll do my best to keep my babble steady.

So there you have it. The reasons why IT Babble was started by two guys, Omar Ghosn and Patrick Cauley.

(*) No seriously, if I posted a picture I would be inundated with emails
from the female and even male readers.

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