You can’t be my teacher . . . yeah I can

Have you seen this thing yet? If not watch it below.

I think that Mr. Darren Cannell (the creator of this video) and his very insisting son have a good point. A teacher needs to be using the Internet. Teachers need to utilize the web to help teach, create, and inspire discussions on important topics. Teachers should have an idea of what social media. Teachers should realize what trends are happening in the world of education and there is clearly no better place to find current information about many topics and world events. The video seems to imply, if a teacher doesn’t use the web in her/his classroom, then the teacher is not dong her/his job.

That’s all good and well, but let’s take a look at a particular teacher and see if this applies. I have a friend who teaches advanced placement Calculus. He sticks mostly to the textbooks (yes he uses more than one). He does not really use the web for his class at all, he offers up his free time, before school, lunch time, after school, and even on most weekends to help his students. He is a member of math organizations. He is dedicated and is constantly learning and testing his own mathematical limits, but he doesn’t really use the web at all in his class. Despite this “limitation” his students respect him, learn a lot from him, and value his high unbending standards in the class. These students mind you are the best of the best at the school and often go on the very good universities. So, this dedicated professional can’t be a teacher because he doesn’t use the web? Are you kidding me?

Before we start labeling all teachers who don’t use the Internet as archaic, out dated, and useless, I think we should realize that just because a person is tech saavy doesn’t necessarily make them good at anything else. The message in this video is good, but watch it with a critical eye won’t you people.

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