Educational iPhone Apps #2


Ready for the second installment people (or person according to the blog stats). More iPhone apps for your consideration. Use em, don’t use em, it’s totally up to you, but they are all free and so why not huh? You might find something you like. So let’s get to the nitty gritty and get to the list. Read on past the break to get the whole skinny on this month’s Educational iPhone Apps.

MoMA (Musem of Modern Art)
Ah art, how do I love thee? The MoMA app (or museum of modern art is a good one to have if you are studying art in your classroom. While you may not live near the Museum of Modern Art you can take mobile tours with it to browse the art floor by floor. They even have schedules for films, exhibitions, information about podcasts, and music. If you happen to be fortunate to be near the MoMA, when you walk into the place you get some extra features on your app. If you are teaching a little about art check it out. It is free and it may be just what you’re looking for.

Pocket Zoo
I grew up in Columbus and a couple times a year I would go to the famed zoo there (recently voted the best zoo in America!) I even met the famous Jungle Jack Hanna. Regardless to say I love the zoo and if you’re like me, this app is for you. It gives you information about various animals, sounds the animals make, and there are even some live video feeds of a few animals. This app is constantly updating and if you’re doing a unit on animals, this app will come in handy for sure. Go get it for free!

Advanced Vocabulary
Do you know what wend means? How about temerity? Surely you know aphorism? No? Well, neither do I. This app can definitely boost your overall vocab. You just have to make sure you use and then you’ll be impressing ladies, colleagues, and even the people at the McDonald’s drive thru in no time. It shows you a word and then, the definition and it asks you how well you know that word. Depending on your answer it will cycle through the word again and again until you are familiar with it. There are 200 words per level and lots of levels. It is a sure way to boost your verbal SAT scores in no time.
Need a little help with that homework? Then look no further than This handy app gives you online resources from various websites. What makes this app so golden is how well everything is organized. If you’re looking for elementary school math about factors and multiples, they have resources for that (eleven to be exact). This would be useful for teachers finding resources, but this app takes it one step further. You can take a picture of what you’re working on and it will save it on your phone. The app won’t solve the problem but it is definitely a reminder of one that needs to be worked on. On the description, they tout that one will be able to connect with a tutor online soon. Interesting and free. Give it a try if you need to find some extra online resources for those struggling or excelling students.

If you have an iPhone you should have a Wikipedia app. There are a lot of them out there (even an official one), but this is what I use. I like it because it is stable. It gives me access to Wikipedia, while not the most reliable source of information, for general stuff it works pretty well. I can use it offline (at least to view my most recent pages) and like I said it doesn’t crash very much (I can’t recall an instance when that happened), which seems to be a problem with the official app. It is a good source of quick information and while there are better sources for information out there, Wikipedia is a good place to start looking. Oh yeah, it’s free.

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