Educational Technology Babble and Art Babble

logo.pngI was checking out Google to see where our site ranked for a specific term and I found a site called Art Babble. I also found that it was mentioned on a few other ed tech sites as well. Naturally, I was intrigued and went on to view Art Babble, a site created by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It is what boils down to be an online museum where the art is described not by a curator or guide but often by the artists themselves. The site has high quality videos by various artists not only describing their but also discussing their ispiration, process and techniques.

What also caught my attention about Art Babble was the fact that we had recently started our site and selected IT Babble as our name. It is nice to see that we are in good company.

As an educational resource it is fantastic. If you are an art, design or photography teacher, this site will provide with a great deal of material. In the classroom, these videos can be used to spark discussions on perspective, use of light and color and other topics. Students can peer into the artist’s mind and or get a deeper understanding of a genre/style as opposed to simply reading dry text.

There are various channels that run the gambit and the site also includes a list of the artists.
It’s Youtube for art.

Sample Activity:
When introducing contemporary art, a teacher can ask the students to:
a) watch videos to compare contemporary with two other styles of their choosing
b) watch three videos highlighting contemporary ad find similarties between the works
c) watch a specific video and try to recreate a particular piece or to design a piece in the same vain

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