The Best of the Best Vol. 1: Word Processing


Have you seen that movie? Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones, Phillip Rhee–it’s kind of a classic . . . well from the eighties. Anyway, Omar and I are starting our Best of the Best series with a tool that is quite useful: word processing programs. Microsoft Word is no doubt the Best of the Best; however, things have changed in the past five years. Now there are more than a few free and decent options out there that do more than just let you change the font and the color. Now, Omar and I are going to break it down for you.

Over the past two weeks we are going to be looking at the following programs, reviewing them, and giving you a break down of their features, and then ultimately giving you the winner.

Again, these are all free so follow the links, try them for yourself, and drop us your opinion on each.

Leave a reply! The IT Babble Team Need Feedback.

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