PowerPoints don’t suck YOU DO

I’ve had the privilege to work at some good schools over the past decade, but by God if they all had people who gave terrible presentations. Sure PowerPoint isn’t the greatest program to giving a presentation, but the platform itself is not to blame for the lowsy (and I mean terribly lousy) presentations that I  had to sit through. Rather than relive those nightmares and end up in a corner sucking my thumb I’d just share with you a couple of presentations from slideshare.com. The user Jesse Dee has made some fantastic presentations on how to give presentations. I’ve embedded the shorter one below. I know it says fifty slides, but this is truly great and there are few wasted ideas. Start clicking, reading, and smiling.

5 thoughts on “PowerPoints don’t suck YOU DO”

  1. I am currently a student at a Community College and I am working towards becoming an Elementary Teacher. I am also dorky and geeky, and I know that tech can aid me in the classroom.

    I just got the “joy” of reading teaching demonstrations by my classmates. WHile the instructions said you could make a power point, a video, an audio lecture, a game. So far 10 people have chosen to make Power Points.

    They. All. Look. The. Same.

    I thought, maybe it’s me? Maybe my geeky and (much) older personality than the average college student is causing me to want to dig my eyes out with rusty spoons. But no. They suck at making Power points. They should have seem your posting first.

    I wish I could find (it’s hiding out there in the inter webs at the moment) the video Merlin Mann made on how to make decent power points.

    Now, happily I bet I will get to read 9 or 10 more power points before the week is over.

    Thank you for doing good work.

    A new follower of this blog,

    (By the way, I made a video lecture for my project.)

    1. Eric,

      Thanks for stopping by and for doing a movie. I hope the other presenters got the message loud and clear that not all presentations are made equal and good ones are greatly appreciated. I hate boring presentations (as does everyone else I know). Thanks for following us and turning me onto Merlin Mann. I’ve heard of him but never knew much about him. That guy is something else.

      Good luck in your studies and let me know if there is anything IT Babble can do to help you out.


      PS That is a serious moustache and beard my friend. I am very envious 🙂 For those of you reading check it out here: http://about.me/eric.musehl

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