Educational iPhone Apps – December


Just in time for the new year, a new list of educational iPhone apps that you can use in your classroom. Some of them leave a little to be desired, but there are more than a few winners here. So be sure to read on past the link to get all the goodness. Have a happy new year and we here at IT Babble hope that your 2011 is as good or better than your 2011.

This is a pretty fancy RSS reader. Not only does it organize it for you, but it also gives you tiny thumbnails of the articles (if available). It is an awesome way to organize your RSS feed and quickly navigate to the stories you want to read. If you have a Google reader account, you can even sync it with Pulse. If you have a classroom iPod touch/iPad this is great to have loaded on there. On my iPhone 4, it is quite easy to read the articles and on the iPad it just plain rocks! This is great to direct students to blogs or expose them to topics that you’d love for them to read about. Also, it is totally free-yeah boy!

Oregon Trail
I remember playing this game in fifth grade. The time period: 1800’s. The purpose is to get your team to the west . . . alive. This game gives lots of little bits of information, but overall it is more for entertainment than it is for actual content. Don’t take that the wrong way. It is good fun, entertaining, and kids will get a little information, but not really a sense of how grueling or difficult it was to travel across the country in a covered wagon battling nature, the elements, and other people. It is currently 99 cents and there is a free lite version out there as well.

Free Grammar Up
This is a grammar app, of course, but don’t start downloading and sharing right away. This app is geared for a specific audience. It is mostly to help EFL students prepared for a standardized ESOL test. The app is quite simple. There are different categories such as prepositions, nouns word choice, etc. Once you select a category it gives you a sentence with a blank. They give you four choices and you select the proper word/phrase that should complete the sentence correctly. It shows you your progress when you’re done, and is definitely geared toward an older audience. The vocabulary may be a little too advanced for the younger crowd. If you teach an advanced ESL student-this might be good for her/him. Oh yeah, it is free, but if you like the app and want more, they have other apps for other areas of grammar.

Biology 1 – Lite
OK, this one was not the best. It lets you create quizzes based on various topics. Once in the quiz , it gives you three choices -I know, Unsure, I don’t know. Once you select “I know” or “Unsure“ it gives you an answer and you have to decide that answer is correct or not. If you choose ”I don’t know“ it just gives you the correct answer. It just doesn’t seem to really challenge and it seems more of trial and error than anything else. You can’t select your questions, only broad topics, and it just seems a little unpolished, but it is free and it may give some much needed practice for students who need some extra work.

Zoho Docs
If you use Zoho docs (like I do), then having this little guy around may seem like the perfect addition to your iPhone, but alas it needs some more features. The app lets you log into your Zoho account and view any of your documents. This is great! You can read or review what you have written, but there is no way to edit what you have. I’m sure Zoho is working on adding this feature, but for right now, unless you need to review a presentation or document badly I’d wait. It is currently free.

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