Technology in the classroom and GPL

Not sure where I’m going with this post but I felt like posting – actually, I heard an interview on Mixergy with the founder of a popular WordPress theme and one of the founders of WordPress Matt Mullenweg.

They have been sparring online regarding the theme’s lack of adherence to the GPL, the license that WordPress was built on and it got me thinking of a few things:
a) Boy, some people (the developer of the theme) dont realize how they come off and that interview is now on video and will be around for a long time. The post the interview was attached to had 100’s of comments, many of which stated how badly the developer came off. That is a lesson we need to teach our kids. What you put online can truly impact your reputation. Secondly, be very aware of the licenses that you are dealing with even if they are freeware, shareware, GPL, etc. You need to respect these licenses because they drive innovation
b) When all else fails, an A-type personality will resort to toddler behavior and quote principle as their main argument. Boom! Done. case closed. You cant argue with principle and the conversation will degrade from there. And I worked as a mediator, so I have seen this time and time again
c) Kidblog, a blog for teachers and students built off of WordPress is essentially similar to the theme in question. Will Kidblog adhere to the GPL? And will they charge for their services eventually? Will anyone pay for a Kidblog like service? We’ll see

Yes, this was not that insightful or a massive tutorial but I’m taking baby steps to get back to the blog and start posting.

Let us know if you have any topics you would like us to cover

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