Educational iPhone Apps – February (Late edition)

Hey folks! Well, it’s about five days too late, but I can’t let it go. I need to get this done! So I’m currently on a week long school trip (which is awesome by the way) and the place I’m staying (contact me for details) has been graciously enough to offer up their WiFi. Gotta love it. So this batch is pretty good but only three apps. They are all good so let’s get to it. No break, since it’s a short one. Oh did I mention they are all FREE!

Pleco – Chinese dictionary

This is a winner-hands down. If you know anything about Chinese, then this will make sense. If not, then if you’re thinking about learning Chinese, then check it out. You can type in the pinyin or English and it will give you the character you need. You can tap on any character in the app and it will, nearly instantly, bring up what that character is and other uses for it. This is the basic, but you can purchase a ton of in app upgrades. You can use download a feature that will use your camera to take a picture of a character and look it up, or you can actually draw the character right into the app itself. It’s a gem


This app recently had a pretty big update. Now the app does crash from time to time and blogging on an iPhone is far from ideal, but if you’re out and the inspiration strikes, it will do the job. You can even add pictures or video (if you have that option on your blog). One thing that I wish it would add are the categories. You can add categories, but it does not download all the different categories or tags for that matter to your app. Still it works pretty well and I’ve been using it a lot on my school trip this week.

Flashcards +

I bet you can all guess what this does. While the app always asks me to rate it every time I open it, and while I often find myself tapping a little too often, for a free app it is not bad. You get the freedom to create whatever flash cards you want. You can even download your Quizlet flash cards to the app to practice on the go.

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