Educational iPhone Apps – March


I thought I would try something a little different this time. I decided to try and get some March appropriate apps and boy did I get some good ones. They’re free, helpful, and can do some good in the classroom. Read on past the break to see all the goodness.


NCAA March Madness on Demand
OK, not the most educationally based app, but as they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This app, will not only gives you the score of the games and updates, but you can even watch the games themselves. If you’re a basketball coach, basketball fan, or just a casual basketball watcher, then this is the app for you. It will also show you the bracket, have previews of the games and highlights and box scores of the past games. What can I say, I’m a fan.


Calculate Pi
Well this app is pretty limited. It basically calculates pi to whatever decimal place you want it to. Well up to 64,000 decimal points. That’s all, I mean this is the month for pi day. Good thing it costs $0.00 and $3.14 (that was a terrible joke).


pi Cubed Lite
This app is pretty cool. It is a math app (surprise, surprise) where you can calculate different equations. What is neat about this app, is that it is very visual and easy to use. It looks like the way it looks like when you write it on paper. It is the way you see it in the textbook and online. Some calculators do not give you the visual reference you know, when you learn it. This is the first app that I have seen that looks like it should. There is a paid version, but why not take the free one out for a spin first.




Hubble Site
This app is all about the Hubble Space Telescope. It gives you information about it, you can vote on which heavenly body you like more, but you can also take some of those amazing images and make them your background. It is just a neat app, that will hopefully spark the imagination of children and others who use it.


Julius Caesar (iBook)
Beware those ides, since it is March and all. You can download the app which offers the something, but this one is free. All you need is the iBooks app (which is free) and you can download the play from within the app itself. The play itself is awesome and if you’re having your students read it, memorize passages, or whatever, it’s free, handy, and basically worth the download.

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