Educational iPhone apps -April

It’s another month of fun filled app for the iPhone! Last month I took a good look at March themed apps. This month it is more of  grab bag and while some of them deal with grades, others for video, but to get to all the goodness, read on past the breakGrades 2

This is a pretty handy app. It is designed to allow students to input all the grades by category (tests, homework, projects, etc.) and shows how each grade affects the overall. The app is meant to help students achieve an A (90% in this case). While I don’t like the idea of grades being the prime motivating factor in a class, I do like this app as it shows how a test grade can greatly overwhelm one homework and how grades change over the course a semester or quarter. Oh yeah, it’s free, easy to use, and very nice to look at too.

Discovery Channel

OK, so this app is a no brainer why it is on the list. It probably should have been on the list earlier. Anyway, you can view clips (not the whole show) of your favorite Discovery Channel shows. While some of the shows (Deadliest Catch, Swamp Loggers) may not be the most educational, other shows like Mythbusters, Shark Week, etc. are great. While it does have commercials before every clip it is still a winner,


Of course the iPhone 4, newest iPod Touch, and the newest iPad can all take video. Sometimes though adding some credits, music, and editing some of the footage can make a huge difference in the quality of the experience. This is where iMovie comes in. You can do all that, share it Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, CNN iReport, your phone, or iTunes. It’s pretty sweet and capturing the magic of a great field trip, special occasion at school, or just a great example of learning, this app is for you. It is $4.99 (a little steep compared to the other educational iPhone apps), but worth it.


This app is all about taking panoramic photos, but unlike other apps that offer the same feature, this app can take it 360 degrees from your point of view, and then make the image interactive. It is pretty sweet and super simple to use. Basically you take a photo, then move the camera slightly and it automatically takes another photo for you and so on and so on. When you’re done it will “stitch” the photos together to make an interactive experience that is actually pretty good. Oh yeah, it’s free.

I am T-Pain

OK, so not the most educational app, in fact, it’s a stretch to get it on this month’s list, but man is it fun. If you’re not familiar with T-Pain, he sings and his voice is autotuned (obviously so). Now you have the same ability with this app. You can sing with songs on iTunes or just freestyle on your own. It is fun and anything that can make Omar and I sound awesome means you will sound phenomenal! It’s $2.99 and could wreak havoc on your class so be warned.

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