Want some free Blogging support?


IT Babble is growing faster than ever, and most of that is due to you the readers. Please keep tuning in, sharing what we write, and leaving those comments, we love it. One way we thought of saying thanks was to give a little something-something back to you our faithful readers.

Our gift is an open invitation to our online “class” about blogs. I put the word class in quotes, because it is more of a meeting place. With this invitation you can check out some cool class blogs, great guides we have made and a place to post a question or start a discussion. What is awesome about this, is all who join will be able to aid, share, and support everyone else in the group. Think of it as an extension to your current PLN (Personal Learner’s Network) or maybe the start of one. Read on past the break to see how to join (by the way did I mention it’s free!)

Whether you’re new to blogging, want to share your blog, or are looking for a way to support and connect with others, this group is for you. There is no time limit, the class will always be there, and so will Omar and myself. Read the easy to follow instructions below to join. As always, thank you and leave a comment!

Step 1 – Enter the Group
No seriously, go to www.enterthegroup.com and sign up. All you need is an e-mail. Once signed up, go to your email and confirm that you are signing up with Enter the Group


Step 2 – Search for our class
Once logged in, look for the menu bar near the top of the webpage and select Classrooms.


Now you will search for our class (on the left hand side). Search for blog and click on go.


Now select our class, it is called Setting up your class blog!


Step 3 – Join!
Select on Join Classroom (you will find it on the left hand side).


We look forward to seeing, sharing, and working with you soon.

Leave a reply! The IT Babble Team Need Feedback.

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