You gotta sit

You gotta exercise


When we teach, we are up, moving and engaging. We are active and this is healthy for our class and ourselves. However, we all know that teaching is so much more than engaging students. We need to grade papers, do lesson plans, email, have meetings, call parents, meet with parents and much more. Of course these individual process don’t take that much time, but bundle them together and we’re talking hours. You know of what I speak. Guess what? It turns out that sitting for long periods of time is not all that healthy for you. So, if you’ve got to sit you might as well do some quick exercises while on your keister, but how? Well I’ve come across an article that will tell you how to do this very thing. Click the link below to see how to stay in shape while keeping up with your own mountain of work. It may not be as good as hitting the gym, pool or track, but it is better than nothing and if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.

How to Exercise While You Sit by Ana Forrest 

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