He, he, he’s aliiiive!

Not actually Omar

Hey everyone…it is the other half of ITBabble although it may not seem so as Patrick posts a whole lot more regularly than I am. Still haven’t found . Just wanted to peek my head out and say hi.

I was supposed to be going to Learning 2.011 but my passport fell apart over the summer and barely made it back to work. Free tip from Omar…RENEW YOUR PASSPORT NOW IF YOU NEED TO…No delays!

So I tentatively let Patrick venture off on his own to a strange new land* (China) to rep us, teach some Edmodo and bring back some juicy ed tech material. 您好 Patrick!

Wishing everybody a good start to this new school year and encouraging you all to use technology in the classroom to enhance learning and not just to use it.

*Patrick actually knows China well and loves it
Frankenstein Photo http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/Frankensteins_monster.jpg

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