Print Friendly – Print from the web the right way

Have you ever been to a website and wanted to print an article and tried but you only found way too much ads, junk on the side, or it just doesn’t print correctly. Well fear not my friend because Print Friendly is here to save you. Print Friendly will take that article and remove all that unwanted nonsense. Not only that but you can email it or create a PDF. Heck, you can even remove parts of the article if you like. Print Friendly is easy, reliable, and free. Check out the video above to get all the friendly goodness. There are other services out there that offer similar features, but I find Print Friendly a little easier to use and that can make your day a lot easier.

2 thoughts on “Print Friendly – Print from the web the right way”

  1. Taylor here from A friend pointed out your video today and it’s great! Thanks so much, and great to hear you’re finding it helpful.

    Could we use your video on It’s much better than ours 🙂


    1. Taylor,

      Wow! Thanks for the comment. We really like PrintFriendly and I do feel you guys are probably the best out there. I’ve tried a few others and they either weren’t as easy to use, didn’t have the features you guys have, or the output wasn’t all that great, so keep doing what you’re doing.

      Also, feel free to use our video we’d love that! 🙂


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