Educational iPhone Apps – December


It’s back! The monthly segment of educational iPhone apps. The reason for the break was not a choice but due to circumstances that were totally in my control. My iPhone was lost (or stolen) at a restaurant back in May and was not recovered 😦 Though an early Christmas present from my wife (don’t worry folks I returned the favor) this month help remedy that and now I am ready to start posting those fun educational apps that you can use with your students, your children or yourself.

This month we have some good ones. They’re all free (which are the best kind) and hopefully there is something there that you can dig. You will find some updated apps (always good to mention those important updates). There are a few straight up educational apps and some good Christmas themed apps. If you’re as excited as I am hit on past the break to get all the goodness that your iPhone can bring you this month.


This app has been along a while but it has gone through and overhaul and is now FREE! You can stream some of their most famous talks (Sir Ken Robinson, Jeff Bezos, Sal Khan) download them to your iPhone to watch when you’re not online and more. It’s a great app to get some good ideas, inspiration or just to keep up with some great innovations that area happening in the world. Download and be inspired.


This app is better than ever. A new interface is welcomed with some new features. You can actually grade (though I don’t think grading on the iPhone as the most practical way to do it). It is however a great way to keep in touch with your colleagues and students in an easy manner. You cannot create assignments here yet, but with their new infusion of money I think this app just my become much more robust in 2012. Just like Edmodo, the app is free.


Again I’ve written about this app but it has introduces us to a new, easier to use interface. There are more themes to chose from, more music to chose from, and it is easier than ever to share. With a free “Lite” account you can only chose 12 pictures from your video feed, but getting and educational account has never been easier that will let you create longer presentations.


This app lets you explore the innards of different cells (animal, plant and bacteria). It is super simple to use, but what makes it nice is that the cells are 3D and you can easily rotate around and zoom into those important organelles. When you click on an organelle it will give you a quick synopsis of what its function. I only wish there was more info for the hardcore scientist, but for free it is a great resource to accompany any cell lesson.

The next apps are Christmas themed ones. Not too educational but you know what they say all work and no play . . . something something dull. They are also free as well and bring a little holiday cheer to you.

Pimp Santa’s Sleigh

Fellow IT Babbler Omar Ghosn actually created this app himself. You take Santa’s sleigh and design it how you like it. Also, there are features to save it to your camera roll and post it on Facebook. Just a little way to kill some time when you’re waiting to open all those presents. The kids will love it and it is definitely family friendly. Nice work Omar!

Where is Santa Lite

This free app lets you track Santa as he flies around the world as he delivers all the presents to all the good boys and girls. You can also look at is from a political view point as a way to monitor illegal and unsanctioned air traffic in your immediate area. Either way, it is a bit of fun and has a nice little radar screen that sweeps (like the Doppler) to locate Santa every minute.

NORAD Santa Tracker

This is one to avoid. This does the same thing as Where is Santa Lite and gives you a little information about NORAD (they say that fighter jets are used to track Santa-no joke). Unfortunately it comes with a lame game and for some reason it keeps telling me that Santa will be arriving on December 23rd. Is the President flying on the 24th? Anyway, I’d avoid it, maybe on Christmas Eve it will work a little better.

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