Adobe Flash – Make a bouncing ball part 1

Interested in learning a little Adobe Flash? Well here is your chance to learn. This is a very simple tutorial that will show you how to create a bouncing ball in the . There will be two more parts that will guide you to make a ground, shadow and another video that will let us create a face on the ball that is animated as well! Flash can be pretty intimidating if you’ve never used it before, but have no fear we hear at IT Babble will help get the ball rolling. Get it? The tutorial is about a ball and I used the word . . . OK I’ll stop. Take a gander at the tutorial and stay tuned for the other two parts coming next week!

Find Part 2 here.

Find Part 3 here.

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I teach middle school technology and love to play around with tech and teach students and colleagues alike. You can read my blog at
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5 Responses to Adobe Flash – Make a bouncing ball part 1

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  4. Great post Patrick! Going to repost this for my web design students to get started on their Flash experience. What are your thoughts on HTML5 replacing Flash? Is that a possibility?

    • Josh, thanks for the compliment. I’ll be making two more videos: one to make the ground and a shadow (pretty simple stuff there) and another to give the ball a face and to animate that face. It should be a lot of fun.

      As for HTML 5 I do think that it will take over eventually, but I think that can take a long time. Flash is pretty wide spread with a lot of support for it and whoever uses it doesn’t really need to know how to code very much to get some great looking results, so I think it’ll be a slow transition myself. Omar is really the web expert over here. I’ll ask him to chime in on this thread. Have a good day!

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