iPhone App of the Week – A+ FlashCards Pro


The iPhone App this week is A+ FlashCards Pro (99 cents). Now this is a great App. It is simple, easy to use and gets right to the point. Here is what you can do with this quality app. You can make your own flash cards, import them from iTunes (from other users who have made their own) or you can tap into the mother of all flashcards website: Quizlet and download from the tens of thousands of user submitted flashcards. Not only can you download but you can also add and share them to others as well. The app itself is simple. You load the flashcards and as you swipe from card to card you tell the app if you know it, don’t know it or if you’re unsure. There are a bunch of options when it comes to viewing the flashcards as well. Check out the images below.

img_0944-2012-01-23-15-08.png img_0945-2012-01-23-15-08.png img_0946-2012-01-23-15-08.png

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