iPhone Apps of the Month – January

Ah January. For many, it is time to stay home, warm and peruse the iTunes App store. Fear not, I’ve been searching for quite a while now and here are some ones worth your while. Check out the info below and start downloading. Most are free but all can help you out in the class. We got you covered from Schoology, citations, flash cards and searching the heavens.


While I still believe that Edmodo is the way to go when it comes to learning management systems, you and your school could do far worse than Schoology. If you are a user of Schoology, then you really need to go ahead and do yourself the favor and get its free iPhone app. You can view grades, respond to comments or post yourself. Also you can check out upcoming activities and more. It is a great companion to your Schoology account. So if you have a Schoology account (student or teacher) then go ahead and download it here.


The iPhone App this week is A+ Pro FlashCards (99 cents). Now this is a great App. It is simple, easy to use and gets right to the point. Here is what you can do with this quality app. You can make your own flash cards, import them from iTunes (from other users who have made their own) or you can tap into the mother of all flashcards website: Quizlet and download from the tens of thousands of user submitted flashcards. Not only can you download but you can also add and share them to others as well. The app itself is simple. You load the flashcards and as you swipe from card to card you tell the app if you know it, don’t know it or if you’re unsure. There are a bunch of options when it comes to viewing the flashcards as well. Check out the images below.


Doing a research paper in your class and feel like you’re spending too much on the bibliography? Well the EasyBib app might be for you. Based on the popular website that helps you create correct citations for various types and from various sources. This free app allows anyone to either scan a book’s ISBN number or you can search for it (books only folks). Once it is found it will give you the citation in MLA, APA and Chicago formats. Obviously students will need to know how to add the page numbers they used, but that is an easy addition.

It’s easy, effective and free! Give it a try by downloading it today.


SkyView Free is a great app for science teachers, science students and astronomy buffs alike! It uses augmented reality to give you an accurate placement of our celestial bodies, but it does so much more than that. It will also help you identify constellations, planets, the sun and moon’s path and you can even find the International Space Station. I’ve taken a few screen shots for your enjoyment. It is simply awesome and while there are others out there for a price, this is free and works incredibly well. Start making your star gazing plans today. You can find it here.

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