Educational iPhone App of the Week – Socrative

socrative0013-2012-02-7-08-10.png socrative0012-2012-02-7-08-10.png

With my review on Socrative it just makes sense that the iPhone app(s) of the week are the two Socrative apps (the teacher and student clicker). It looks just like the website but there is no need to go to the website it just connects. The apps work great and give you the exact same functionality as the website. In fact they look nearly the same thing as the website. Check out the images below. You can download the Socrative Teacher Clicker here and the Socrative Student Clicker here.

Teacher Clicker images

img_0966-2012-02-7-08-10.png img_0968-2012-02-7-08-10.png img_0969-2012-02-7-08-10.png

Student Clicker images

img_0972-2012-02-7-08-10.png img_0973-2012-02-7-08-10.png img_0971-2012-02-7-08-10.png

3 thoughts on “Educational iPhone App of the Week – Socrative”

    1. Matt thanks for stopping by and what a great post on your blog. In fact your blog is pretty awesome. We’re definitely going to be putting it on our blog roll. Your video was short and to the point and really gives a sense of how it can be implemented. You’ve just got another subscriber! 🙂

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