Podcast episode 21 – February 15, 2012

This week we’ve packed in a great podcast in just 24 minutes! So check out our topics below and make sure you’re packing your kevlar vest! 🙂 Also be sure to subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes.

  1. We talk about Omar’s post “Dad shoots daughters laptop over Facebook comments
  2. Some reader comments from Eric Muehl (great facial hair) abou the post “PowerPoints don’t suck YOU DO!” and Bart Helemy’s comment responding to “Gradequick Arrrghhhh!
  3. The iPhone App of the Week – Discovr Apps
  4. Omar and Patrick respond to some issues they have with the article “Students Strike Gold with Bowling Alley Webpage” in this month’s issue of Learning and Leading with Technology (I hope this link works)
  5. We quickly discuss our workshop we held about blogging. Look for all of that information to show up on the blog soon.

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