Podcast Episode 22 – February 22, 2012

Our 22nd episode on the 22nd day of the second month. That’s a lot of two’s people. This episode is another keeper and Omar and I keep the time down once again! Check out what we’re chatting about this week. As always subscribe to us on iTunes.

1) Tony’s post “21st Century Learning Conference Hong Kong 2012: One-To-One, BYOT

2) Flexible Classroom Furniture Dangerously Irrelevant

University of Michigan – case study

3) iPhone app of the week (AQuadForm Quadratic Formula)

4) Dimension U & Video Games and Learning 

You can also listen to it right here!



About Patrick Cauley

I teach middle school technology and love to play around with tech and teach students and colleagues alike. You can read my blog at www.itbabble.com
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One Response to Podcast Episode 22 – February 22, 2012

  1. Erik Isaksson says:

    Where could i buy these “crazy pills” ? haha

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