Adobe Flash CS5 – Making a quiz game

The Adobe Flash series continues. This time we are working with controlling the timeline by making a quick little quiz game. We need to utilize some Actionscript code snippets, some nesting of animations and just a basic understanding of how to set up the timeline so this works well. Here are the requirements I gave my students.

  • Must have a start screen (with animation)
  • Must have 3 multiple choice questions
  • Must have a screen for incorrect answers and for getting all the questions correct (both screens must have animation)
  • It should have a background and look pleasing to the eye

Hope this helps those Adobe Flash people out there!

About Patrick Cauley

I teach middle school technology and love to play around with tech and teach students and colleagues alike. You can read my blog at
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3 Responses to Adobe Flash CS5 – Making a quiz game

  1. how do i loop back to the right scene if i get correct on question 2 and continue on with question 3? (i need to use back the “right” scene)

    • That is a good question. Myself, I just had it move onto the next question if the picked the correct choice. You could also repeat that “correct screen” in a few frames and then have apply new actionscript to the button to go to a desired question. If you are still having a little problem go ahead and send it to me at That way I can take a look at it and we can work out a solution. 🙂

  2. Steph says:

    pretty cool! nice and easy to understand.

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