iPhone App of the Week – MediaBurner


Sorry for the late post my peeps. I’ve been away on a school trip and just recently have found myself with Internet access. This week (well actually last week’s) is MediaBurner. Folks this is a good one. I love to find helpful and informative videos on YouTube but sometimes the streaming is not always as fast as it could be and leaves a bit of dead space. This app will let you search through YouTube, find the video you want and download it. It leaves your computer free and it easily adds the video to your iTunes, save to your camera roll, extract the audio (which I find most helpful at times) and more. To unlock those last features it will cost you $1.99 but that’s not a bad price to pay to download those videos on the go and have them when you need them regardless of the Internet. It’s currently free in the iTunes App Store. Check out the pics below to get a better sense of what it does.

img_1020-2012-03-7-19-43.png img_1022-2012-03-7-19-43.png img_1023-2012-03-7-19-43.png

img_1024-2012-03-7-19-43.png img_1021-2012-03-7-19-43.png

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