iPhone App of the Week – Graphs by Tap to Learn


Pop quiz hotshot. What do you think this app is all about? Wow, you are pretty smart. This free app is all about graphs. It won’t make graphs for you, but it will teach you more about graphs than your probably ever needed to know. It will talk about why you would use this graph, how to interpret it and how to build one. It is very informative and the language they use is very concise. They also have a tests to see if you are a graph expert or not. Granted this is not the best app for more advanced math students/teachers, but for 6th grade or lower, this app is quite good and if you’ve been struggling to try and get your students to see the difference between some graphs, this is definitely and app worth checking out. It’s free and you can get it right here.

img_1126-2012-03-28-05-44.png img_1127-2012-03-28-05-44.png img_1128-2012-03-28-05-44.png

img_1123-2012-03-28-05-44.png img_1124-2012-03-28-05-44.png img_1125-2012-03-28-05-44.png

3 thoughts on “iPhone App of the Week – Graphs by Tap to Learn”

  1. Thanks Patrick! I agree this app will be very useful for teachers and students who teach 6th grade and below, where they mostly need to learn how to interpret graphs and know why we use certain types of graphs. Why do we so often create/draw a graph first anyway?? So this little beauty, will be going on the Royal Dubai School iPads and iPod touches very soon – like tomorrow!

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