iPhone Apps for March

Well another month is coming to a close and we got some great apps to sum up for you. So, while you’re watching the Final Four (go Bucks) and need a little something to do during halftime or commercials, reach for that iPhone and give these educational apps a try.

This free app is all about graphs. It won’t make graphs for you, but it will teach you more about graphs than your probably ever needed to know. It will talk about why you would use this graph, how to interpret it and how to build one. It is very informative and the language they use is very concise. They also have a tests to see if you are a graph expert or not. Granted this is not the best app for more advanced math students/teachers, but for 6th grade or lower, this app is quite good and if you’ve been struggling to try and get your students to see the difference between some graphs, this is definitely and app worth checking out. It’s free and you can get it right here.

If you are familiar with Mad Libs then using the app should be of no surprise to you. If you’ve never used Mad Libs they ask you for words based on their part of speech (noun, verb, adverb, etc.) then it takes those words and drops them into a story. the results are usually pretty funny. The app itself is free and the includes four Mad Libs to complete. To get more you can purchase them within the app. The free ones were able to make me chuckle (yeah, I’m 36 years old). Get it here.

This is a cloud storage site that allows you to easily upload and share files. Their iPhone app is nearly as good as the website too. You can easily select files from your camera roll and videos to upload, but hold on a minute folks. The minus app can do much more than that! You can also view a number of different files right from your iPhone too (Word documents, pictures, videos, PowerPoints, Excel, etc). It’s a pretty great app and service for free. To get it for your iPhone click here.

This app will let you search through YouTube, find the video you want and download it. It leaves your computer free and it easily adds the video to your iTunes, save to your camera roll, extract the audio (which I find most helpful at times) and more. To unlock those last features it will cost you $1.99 but that’s not a bad price to pay to download those videos on the go and have them when you need them regardless of the Internet. It’s currently free in the iTunes App Store.



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