iPhone App of the Week-Camera Awesome


I’ve talked about some ways you can use your iPhone (or any mobile camera) in the classroom-read it here. The default camera app on the iPhone is pretty good (and made even better with the iOS 5), but to really leverage all the power you’ll need a third party app. I was using Camera+ for a while but it seems a little too slow to load and they give me a little too many options when editing my photo. Enter Camera Awesome. This app is pretty powerful, very easy to use. In a lot of ways it is more streamlined than Camera+ and you can easily toggle between video and still photography. Oh yeah, it loads very fast, is very easy to use and is free! There are some features that you must pay to unlock, but the standard app is pretty darn powerful. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely download it and try it out for yourself. You can get it here. Check out the pics below to get a sense of what it can do.

img_1159-2012-04-5-18-37.png img_1153-2012-04-5-18-37.png img_1161-2012-04-5-18-37.png

img_1162-2012-04-5-18-37.png img_1154-2012-04-5-18-37.png img_1155-2012-04-5-18-37.png

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