iPhone App of the Week – Dinosaurs


Rooaaaarrrr! This app from the American Museum of Natural History has a great app that will give you a lot of great info on dinosaurs. When you open the app, you see this giant mosaic of a dinosaur. When you zoom into the mosaic and select an individual picture, it will give you information about that particular dino. The app also gives detailed stories on some of the more famous dinosaurs explaining where they were found, by whom, how, etc. It is actually pretty interesting to see the story behind finding, excavating and studying these beasts of the past. This app is great for all ages and if you love dinosaurs, go ahead and treat yourself. It’s free and you can get it here.

img_1164-2012-04-14-21-16.png img_1170-2012-04-14-21-16.png img_1166-2012-04-14-21-16.png img_1167-2012-04-14-21-16.png

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