Operation Overlord…The War on Office and Email

There was a good response from the last post related to transitioning from email as a major tool for collaborating. After a meeting with some people we decided a few things:

1. We do not need to try and compare an OFFICE package to a cloud package, instead we need to demonstrate the power of the tools.

2. We need to push a full solution that encompasses many cloud-based resources so that the OFFICE package is only relavent for offline work.

3. We need marketing and students to push it.

So the plan is to begin with developing a viral video and plan a day where people show-up and the campus environment is reflecting the tools..the concepts..and the content of the viral video.

In addition the day of this marketing blitz I will launch a set of videos and materials that explain and teach people everything in this VERY LARGE CHART.

Now I need to build an army.

Tony DePrato


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