Notice Something Different?

Before you start tagging us sell-outs (hopefully no one is doing that because Patrick can be sensitive),  I wanted to inform you guys that we are testing out adverts on our site. It will be a limited run (30 days starting on the 20th of April and ending May 20 at which point we will evaluate the decision)

We are doing this for two reasons:
a) Omar is addicted to coffee and buying his premium espresso capsules needs to be subsidized
b) Patrick needs to fund his wife’s Hello Kitty habit
a) Running a blog has some minor expenses…nothing that will break the bank but it would be nice to cover those fees especially as we will be moving our site to our own hosting account
b) We are hosting our blog on WordPress and since our blog has picked up speed, we were invited to WordPress’ ad network, WordAds and were finally approved. Getting some information on the efficacy of the program for a modest little site like ours would be very helpful for our friends and colleagues that would like to run a blog and pay for the inordinate amounts of coffee consumed while painstakingly drafting their posts on riveting topics like the migration habits of the rare and beautiful Valenza Lark   🙂

So, go ahead and post a comment here on your thoughts regarding ads on blogs and what you think of the selection of ads you see here on ITBabble as we have no control over the content (unlike AdSense) – if you wish to tar and feather us for this experiment, we have detailed directions to Tony D’s apartment.

Leave a reply! The IT Babble Team Need Feedback.

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