iPhone app of the week – Silent Film Director


Do you love Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin? Then this is definitely an app for you. A lot of student films run into the very common problem of lousy audio. Since boom mics are not quite a standard in the classroom, this problem ain’t going anywhere. So instead of constantly wrestling with getting good audio by jamming an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad in the face of those you’re filming, why not circumvent the sound altogether? This is where Silent Film Director comes in. It will record the film (without audio obviously) and allow you to add different styles like the 20’s or 60’s home video. You can also add multiple clips together, add music, transitions, and titles. It’s a great and well made app and it’ll force your students to really think about how to effectively communicate using only images. It really gets them to plan out their films as opposed to just hitting the record button and hamming it up. You can download it for 99 cents here.

img_1227-2012-04-24-13-18.png img_1228-2012-04-24-13-18.png img_1229-2012-04-24-13-18.png

img_1230-2012-04-24-13-18.png img_1226-2012-04-24-13-18.png

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