Google Glasses and Education

OK, this is happening and this is kind of exciting. Google is creating and is going to sell these interactive glasses. Instead of me trying to explain what they do, take a gander of the Project Glass concept video to get an idea of what Google is trying to accomplish.

Pretty cool huh? I asked a few of my middle school students to research and answer these three questions.

  1. Do you like the Google Glasses?
  2. Would you buy them?
  3. Would your friends buy them?

Google expects to sell these glasses this year and what is intriguing is the price: $250-500 dollars (according to PC World). This makes it affordable for many high school (some middle school ) and university students.

Here is a Prezi my students made for their presentation. The address to their blog site is on the Prezi. Please stop by and leave some comments about what you think about this-they would be thrilled and so would I!

Here is their Prezi.

For more info check out Google’s site:

And my student’s blog site:

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