iPhone app of the week – Starlight – Mobile Planetarium


Back in January I wrote about the app Skyview Free. It’s a great app that helps give you information about the constellations and the other heavenly bodies. Starlight – Mobile Planetarium seems to be a more polished version. It is very reactive, lets you use augmented reality or just spin around in space. The information they provide on each and every star, planet and more is fantastic. It is detailed and very easy to use. The explanations are clear and concise. It is currently free and you can find it here.

img_1256-2012-05-5-05-18.png img_1258-2012-05-5-05-18.png img_1261-2012-05-5-05-18.png

img_1260-2012-05-5-05-18.png img_1257-2012-05-5-05-18.png

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