iPhone app of the week – SolFi Ear Trainer 2


This is a first. I’ve never had an educational app for music teachers or musicians but this is what SolFi Ear Trainer 2 is for. It allows people to listen to different tones or chords and it allows you to identify them. If you need to practice just flip your phone into landscape mode and a piano keyboard pops up and lets you practice and identify the tones on your own. This is great for people who are trying to write their own music and who are just practicing for some musical competitions. The app is very well made and though it costs $2.99 if you are a musician or music teacher and want to sharpen your skills this is the app for you. Check out the images below to get a better idea or better yet, check out the app for yourself by getting it from iTunes here.

img_1273-2012-05-8-19-44.png img_1274-2012-05-8-19-44.png img_1275-2012-05-8-19-44.png

img_1276-2012-05-8-19-44.png img_1277-2012-05-8-19-44.png

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