Are your students prepared? Doubtful

I wonder, I mean I really wonder, if you are preparing your students for what’s coming up? You know the big thing around the corner. I wish you were but someplace (not that deep inside) tells me you’re not. You should be ashamed of yourself. You have probably talked to your students about evaluating information found on the Internet. You’ve also talked to them about how they can use web 2.0 tools effectively and how to be a good and safe digital citizens, but have you prepared them for what is truly important? [I’m shaking my head no right now]

You are probably a little confused right now because you probably don’t have a clue-that’s OK. I am talking about the impending robot apocalypse that will grip the world sometime in the next 50 years. Yes, it will be human versus machine in a battle royal to decide the fate of the planet and I bet you have not been teaching the very basic survival techniques to your students. You’ve probably seen the same documentaries warning as I have about this dark day. I’m talking about famous documentaries such as: Terminator, Terminator 2, Terminator 3, Terminator Salvation, iRobot and Wall-E. Don’t hang your head though, it’s never too late to start. To begin, watch the video above. Then share your survival tips below.

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