iPhone app of the week – Stack the States


If you’re an American or study American history than knowing the fifty states and some basic facts about the states. Let me introduce you to Stack the States. It’s an educational game that is actually kind of fun. You have to stack the states to reach a certain height. When you do you are awarded a state. Oh yeah, in order to stack a state you must answer a question about that state in order to stack it. There are also flash cards and an interactive map that will give you fast facts about the states as well. It’s 99 cents (not free like I usually try to find) but I think it’s well worth the investment. A great way for students to brush up on nifty-fifty states of America. You can find it here.

img_1378-2012-05-26-22-281.png img_1383-2012-05-26-22-281.png img_1385-2012-05-26-22-281.png

img_1387-2012-05-26-22-281.png img_1388-2012-05-26-22-281.png img_1389-2012-05-26-22-281.png

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