Got a helpful website for students?

Then add it here!


Our school is rolling out a 1:1 laptop program next year. Today I thought HEY! Wouldn’t it be great if we had a single document with tons of resources on it that everyone could access. After I had that thought I immediately had this one. Heck! Let’s share it with the WORLD! I know a little ambitious but what’s the harm in thinking big? Then I thought Wow! It’s lunch time. I tend to work better on a full stomach.

So here it is, a quick Google form that your students (and you) could fill out. Not only do you have the form but also access to the spreadsheet that will collect the data. That way you can watch it grow and see what cool websites people are sharing. I’d love to have over 1000 entries by the end of next year, so be prepared to be bugged a bit by the good people at IT Babble! To access the form click on the image above or follow this link below.

Helpful websites for students

If you would like to see the results click on the link below.

Helpful website for student – RESULTS

I’ll try to verify the results as time permits and get rid of any incorrect info. So have fun and thanks again. I think this resource will be a big help to my students and hopefully yours too.

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