iPhone Apps for June

Well, I’ve been slacking on my blogging duties. The family has been moving out of our apartment and then flying home to the US has kind of sapped my time, but now I am back with three new iPhone apps to help you in the classroom. So take a look below and most are free but all of them are worth a try.


Display Recorder

This app is a savior for many teachers, but here is the problem. I don’t think it is in the iTunes app store anymore. What it does is record your screen so you can make videos showing how to use apps. You can record the video and the audio. The app is not exactly polished. There is a lag and sometimes the audio doesn’t exactly match up with the video. Mu solution, record the video and then add the audio with iMovie on the iPhone which is what I did below. If you can find the app please leave a link to it in the comments. I think Apple has pulled it 😦


Goggle Drive

This is the official app from Google that lets you access all of your files if you have a Google Drive account (which is free by the way). You can view, rename the file share it with people and of course view it right on your iPhone. The one feature it is sorely lacking is the ability to edit your Google Docs but I am sure that will come in time. In the meantime check it out on the iTunes store here.

img_1468-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1469-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1470-2012-06-29-11-43.png

img_1471-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1472-2012-06-29-11-43.png



This is a free app from Apple to help you find, manage and listen to your favorite podcasts. You can find fantastic podcasts about just about anything you’re teaching in the classroom so it can an invaluable resource for you and your students. This app makes it easier to listen to those podcasts and even share them with your students through a message, twitter or email. So if you’re listening to your favorite episode of IT Babble then use this app. Check it out here.

img_1461-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1462-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1463-2012-06-29-11-43.png

img_1464-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1465-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1467-2012-06-29-11-43.png


This is not an app but definitely an extensive and exhaustive look of text editors for iOS. If you do some writing on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch then this is definitely worth your time. The information was compiled on a public Google Doc and the editor is going to go through this list as time permits to check its accuracy. You can also add an app or a correction. There is a massive chart comparing all the features of each app and below the chart there is detailed information and screen shots of specific apps. Here are a few (this is a big page people) images to give you an idea of how thorough this compilation is. You can find it the list in its glorious entirety here.

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