iPhone app of the week – First aid by the American Red Cross


I like going on field trips. It makes the learning more tangible and it is a great way to break the routine in a controlled and productive way. The kids usually get a lot more insight from someone who is extremely knowledgeable about that topic. However, leaving the school does involve a little bit of risk. For example what if Little Billy decides to walk down the wrong stairs that have recently been mopped? What if Little Billy gets a deep cut on a sharp corner? What if Little Billy gets tries to stick his pencil into an active wood chipper? Well I’m not sure this app will help you with the last one, but for minor accidents and some serious situations this app is a great way to give you some informed guidance on what needs to be done. That way you can take action until medical professionals arrive and Little Billy can live another day 🙂 They have quizzes, diagrams and even videos to help guide you in the case of an accident or emergey. The app is free and you can find it here.

NOTE* Downloading this app does not give you the trainined need to be CPR certified. If you are interested in becoming CPR certified please follow this link to the American Heart Assiociation

img_1512-2012-07-11-11-35.png img_1513-2012-07-11-11-35.png img_1514-2012-07-11-11-35.png

img_1515-2012-07-11-11-35.png img_1516-2012-07-11-11-35.png img_1517-2012-07-11-11-35.png

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