iPhone apps of the week – It’s the Olympics!


I (like many others) love the Olympics. I love the preparation, the effort, the excitement and the magic of the events. The games are never a disappointment and always an inspiration. However there are so many events and so many athletes that it can be pretty are to keep track of everything. This is why I have a couple of apps that will help yo (and myself) keep track of everything and they’re both free too! To get the official results app click here and the get the Reuters Olympics app click here. If you have some great Olympic apps add them in the comments. To see some more details and screen shots click on past the break.

London 2012 Official Results

This app is very straightforward and easy to navigate. There are no images or videos, but what it does give you is results and quickly. You can navigate through the events through the schedule, by sport, by athletes or by medals. It really is a very well made app that gives you the results. Since there is no multimedia, this makes the app load very fast which lets you figure out who got what medal in what event. Check out the pictures below.

img_1613-2012-07-28-12-20.png img_1614-2012-07-28-12-20.png img_1615-2012-07-28-12-20.png

img_1616-2012-07-28-12-20.png img_1620-2012-07-28-12-20.png img_1621-2012-07-28-12-20.png

Reuters Olympics 2012

This app is a lot more visual. When you launch it you get a pictorial representation of what is happening. By clicking on the picture you get a slideshow of sorts with a short summary of what has happened. You can also take a look at the medal breakdown, current records and if there is an article (from Reuters of course) then you can open that up and read all the nitty gritty details. The app is also pretty easy to navigate and it gives you a great visual of the current games and its Olympiads. Check out the images below to get a better idea of what you’re in store for.

img_1624-2012-07-28-12-20.png img_1625-2012-07-28-12-20.png img_1626-2012-07-28-12-20.png

img_1627-2012-07-28-12-20.png img_1628-2012-07-28-12-20.png img_1630-2012-07-28-12-20.png

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