CheatSheet – get yours today!


Pssst! Hey you. Yeah you. It looks like you need a little assistance. Don’t worry, the teach will never find out. Here, use the cheat sheet. It’ll tell you what you need to know.

Huh? What? Oh, no I think you misunderstand me. I’m not promoting academic dishonesty or anything. I am merely trying help you out. You see if you have a Mac then you should download this little app called CheatSheet. It will tell you the available shortcut keys for your programs.

Click on past the break to get a better idea of you can (and should) use this CheatSheet to maximize your Mac skills.

What this app does is show you the shortcut keys in in a quick and unobtrusive way. What makes the app gold is it changes depending on what app you’re using. When you launch the app you get this little logo with one very simple instruction.


That’t all you have to do. For example if I am in MacJournal (which is what I’m using right now) and I want to see what shortcut keys are available, all I have to do is hold down the command key z for a few seconds and then a cheat sheet will show up. Check out the image below to see what I mean.


These sheet just isn’t for viewing either. If you move your mouse to one of the shortcuts it will highlight, and if you click it, that shortcut will be executed within the program. Another cool thing about this program is that once it is launched it works in the background the whole time. You have to go quit the program when you bring up a cheat sheet or you can quit the program in Activity Monitor. Don’t worry though, it is a small program that doesn’t take up too many resources so it shouldn’t affect your performance at all even if it runs the whole time you are using your computer.

This isn’t all that it can do. In the bottom right hand corner there is a little gear. Clicking on that will give you a few options. As you can see you can print off the shortcut keys, you can have the program launch as your computer starts up, you can set the delay or quit the program.


What I really like about this program is that it works for everyone. If you’re new to the Mac OSX then it will help you with that transition from Windows (you know finding how to connect to servers, navigating the Finder, etc.). If you’re more experienced then it will help you speed up and expedite your workflow by using shortcut keys instead clicking all day long. It is also very helpful if you use any of Adobe’s Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, etc.) then you knowhow important those shortcut keys are. No matter what program you’re using CheatSheet has got you covered. It is also very easy to bring up and stays out of your way until you need it. Oh yeah, the program is completely free in the App Store, so go over download it today. You can find it here.

Don’t worry, this is one CheatSheet that I think all schools would be OK with. 🙂

2 thoughts on “CheatSheet – get yours today!”

  1. I have been hunting for an online program like timetoast and have been trying it out before introducing it to my seventh graders. You information was great, but I can’t help but think about your comment that there are better timelines out there. Would you share.

    1. Mary,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Absolutely there are better ones out there. Omar and I reviewed 7 timeline generators. We both really liked Dipity, TimeGlider and Tiki-Toki. Though we had no problems with Dipity we’ve spoken with a number of people who have. We’ve heard nothing but good things about TimeGlider and Tiki-Toki though. You can check out all the reviews right here:

      Let us know which one you chose and why. Our readers would be very interested (not to mention us :))

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