iPhone app of the week – Catch


Are you a teacher or student that needs a little help organizing? Do you need something that will let you just take a few notes (audio, typed, image) and then help you organize it? I encourage you to try out Catch. It is a very streamlined app that makes creating and organizing notes, not just easy, but fast! That last part is what makes this app stand out in my opinion. It has a unique interface that allows you to create any type of note, reminder, to do task, etc. with just two clicks. Now that is what I call handy. While I was really impressed with it, an app like this is not that powerful if it doesn’t have some sort of desktop counterpart. The people of Catch certainly didn’t ignore this either by adding extensions to Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (sorry Safari users) so you can add notes directly from web pages. They also have a web interface so you can peruse your notes, organize them and stay up to date even if you’re phone is not handy. You can create a Catch account or sign in with your Facebook or Google Account credentials. Check out the app for free here and for Android here.

wpid-img_1715-2012-08-29-21-29.png wpid-img_1716-2012-08-29-21-29.png wpid-img_1717-2012-08-29-21-29.png

wpid-img_1720-2012-08-29-21-29.png wpid-img_1723-2012-08-29-21-29.png

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