iPhone App of the Week – Khan Archiver


No matter what you think about the Khan Academy’s philosophy on education it is hard to deny that there are a lot of supplemental resources that they offer that I am sure many teachers find useful. This app gives you access to Khan’s huge library of video tutorials. You can watch them from YouTube which is great. You are probably thinking, Patrick, so what!? Well before you click away this app lets you download those videos so you can watch them offline. Now that is pretty nice an handy. If you have an Apple TV or other device that supports Airplay then you can even stream that video from your iPhone to a projector. Check out the pictures below and you can get it for free here.

wpid-img_1725-2012-09-5-23-02.jpg wpid-img_1726-2012-09-5-23-02.jpg wpid-img_1728-2012-09-5-23-02.jpg


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