Podcast Episode 39 – Welcome Back! – September 6, 2012


Welcome back everyone to the 2012-2013 school year. We here at IT Babble are excited and ready for another great year of reviews, rants, helpful tips and our usual humor. We have another quality episode this week with Omar, Tony, Cara Preston and myself. Check out the agenda below and don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes.

1) Welcome BACK!
2) What did we do over the summer – anything really
3) Going 1:1
a) Why Macbook Pro computers instead of a PC
b) What are the reasons we switch from MS Office to LibreOffice
4) LibreOffice – Why people are losing their minds
5) Dr. Gary Stager – Confronting a Clicheé
6) iPhone app of the week – Khan Archiver

You can find the episode on Podomatic here

You can listen to it below.

1 thought on “Podcast Episode 39 – Welcome Back! – September 6, 2012”

  1. Instead of making a bunch of separate comments about different things throughout the podcast I’ll just put them in a list as follows:

    1. Do you not get strange looks from the people in the “professional studio” when you’re doing the podcast?
    2. It’s only been 1 week and I’ve already gotten into a slight argument over moving to LibreOffice and the frustrations that come with it, I quickly decided that it wasn’t worth my time.
    3. Although being on the same platform as the students may be a good thing, the school could have saved a lot of money by going to similarly if not better specced PC’s for less money and instead spend the money on getting more chairs in the auditorium’s Tech booth.
    4. In the 1st week of school i think i saw about 4-5 people using PC’s instead of Macs and none of them had actually bought laptops whose battery lasts for more than 5 minutes (Thinkpads for the win) People really are good at wasting their money……
    5. Ironically enough a lot of teachers are obsessed with giving advice but they suck at actually taking other people’s advice. (Throwing it out there)
    6. People tend to throw all of their knowledge, past experience and logic out the windows when something stops working on their computer.
    7. If the school is looking for reliability they could just have gone with T series Thinkpads and saved a lot of money.
    8. Omar sucks at passwords.
    9. How do you Facebook better??
    10. I will happily challenge your research skills anyday……
    11. Teachers are awesome at searching for things by typing in 3 sentences specifying what they want, WORD BY WORD! Why does the school not teach them how to use search engines???
    12. Someday i will be able to tell someone that when I was young, 1TB was a lot of data.
    13. I Remember having XBMC on my X-Box when it first came out. I didn’t like it because all the menus were in English and i didn’t understand anything.
    14. If the Digital Fetus T-Shirt was a thing then would you let us wear it in class instead of the school uniform?
    15. This. http://i.qkme.me/3qlchq.jpg
    16. Google’d “Digital Fetus”, Found this……..http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_SkQxA57vOxI/TBQYiuAml4I/AAAAAAAAAEg/KHwPPDCP77Y/s1600/Digital+Fetus.jpg

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