Change & the 50%

“There were no easy answers and whatever road you took be it high, low, or more likely somewhere in between, half the people would hate the result and half would applaud and the hell of the thing was in a way they’d both be right.” ~David Baldacci, Divine Justice

I read often, and I prefer paper. The funny thing is I know I need to adjust to reading on a device. I am trying the iPad, I have done 6 books so far including the Cryptonomicon (more than 3000 pages). 

When I tell people I am reading on the iPad, half of them say the Kindle is better. Twenty percent say reading on a device is bad. The rest love the iPad and want to talk about Apps. And then there is the 20% of the planet that does not even have clean water to drink, and I am sure they would say in a collective voice~ “We don’t give a damn!”

In Educational Technology Administration we make choices. They affect people. They make some people change. They can destroy existing processes. They can forcefully push out a solution that works, but has a limited future. 

These choices can also improve efficiency, workflow, communication, student relations, and the overall atmosphere on campus. 

The truth is, any big change, will accomplish all of the above. You can justify decisions from a budgetary standpoint, a philosophical point of view, or with pedagogical research. Even if all three areas of justification supported your decision, about half of the people affected are going to be angry about something. About the change. About the confusion. About the unknown.

Maybe mostly the unknown.

As an administrator you cannot ignore your responsibility to study the financial, philosophical, and pedagogical. You also cannot ignore the evidence even if it makes you fear the change that is coming. The burden and responsibility of knowing what is coming, is part of the job and sometimes the worst part.

If you doing nothing the results are the same as doing something. At least in doing something you have made a plan, hopefully accounted for various problems, and are ready and waiting in the trenches for the first volley to hit. 

I think it is better to be facing change and shining light on the unknown, than to be ignorant when the unknown is surrounding you and all the questions are answered with ~”I don’t know.”  

I am reading books just as much as I use to. I am reading them in different ways. The stories are still inspiring. The words are still jumping off the “page” when they are written with genius. I will never prefer the touch of an iPad or Kindle to the feel of a book. I will never enjoy annotating with sticky notes as much as I enjoy scribbling between the pages of a novel and then handing it to someone to experience. 

What can I do, the change is here. I can learn to master it, or let my resentment master me. I can suffer and stress over HOW I WANT TO READ, or I can just read. I have the options and the opportunities do keep reading in new ways and doing new things. Options and Opportunities.

Most importantly I have clean water to drink, and so really I don’t have anything to complain about.


Tony DePrato

1 thought on “Change & the 50%”

  1. I have never read in the ipad but the kindle eink is good… I read a lot too, I know what you are feeling, but I made up my mind and I chose my nook.

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