iPhone apps of the month – September

It has been a crazy month for us here at IT Babble and my weekly contribution of iPhone app of the week has slipped a little. No worries though, I have some great iPhone apps to show you for the end of the month. There were a lot of great apps this month and picking them was not an easy task let me tell you. So click on past the break to learn more about some iPhone apps (free ones too) that may be helpful to you in the classroom.

Skitch was one of the best screen capture programs on the Mac for the past few years. It was an easy way to do screen captures, annotation and share those images with others, so needless to say I’ve been waiting for it for the iPhone for quite a while and here it is. It does pretty much everything I wanted it to do and with Evernote integration it makes it even more powerful. Check it out for free here.

wpid-img_1784-2012-09-28-18-451.jpg wpid-img_1787-2012-09-28-18-451.jpg

wpid-img_1788-2012-09-28-18-451.jpg wpid-img_1785-2012-09-28-18-451.jpg

Class Dojo
This web app is growing more and more popular and now a much anticipated iPhone app is finally here. Lots of teacher use Class Dojo to track and help manage their students’ behavior in class by giving a visual representation of their behavior performance in class. You can check out my review of it here. If this is something that really interests you, then check out this app. It is as easy as advertised and teachers that use it, rave about it. Check it out for free here.

wpid-img_1774-2012-09-28-18-451.jpg wpid-img_1775-2012-09-28-18-451.jpg


Yeah I know I’ve covered this one before but they have added a new feature which I think is worth mentioning. You can now create and edit word processing documents where as before all you can do was view and share. I’ve actually created and edited a few documents now and it is quick, easy to use and even not that much of a pain to format text. I wouldn’t write a thesis on it, but for some quick edits and sharing with other people this is a must have app and it’s free! Get it here.

wpid-img_1790-2012-09-28-18-45.jpg wpid-img_1791-2012-09-28-18-45.jpg

wpid-img_1792-2012-09-28-18-45.jpg wpid-img_1793-2012-09-28-18-45.jpg

Khan Archiver
No matter what you think about the Khan Academy’s philosophy on education it is hard to deny that there are a lot of supplemental resources that they offer that I am sure many teachers find useful. This app gives you access to Khan’s huge library of video tutorials. You can watch them from YouTube which is great. You are probably thinking, Patrick, so what!? Well before you click away this app lets you download those videos so you can watch them offline. Now that is pretty nice an handy. If you have an Apple TV or other device that supports Airplay then you can even stream that video from your iPhone to a projector. Check out the pictures below and you can get it for free here.

wpid-img_1725-2012-09-28-18-45.jpg wpid-img_1726-2012-09-28-18-45.jpg wpid-img_1728-2012-09-28-18-45.jpg

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