Podcast Episode 41 – Gagnam Style – September 25, 2012

What an awesome show we got in store for you guys. Cara breaks down the Gagnam Style dance while Preston is very spicy (you have to listen to get it). We cover some important topics such as mobile phones in the classroom and much, much more.

You can listen to it below

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1 thought on “Podcast Episode 41 – Gagnam Style – September 25, 2012”

  1. -Random Comments as usual-

    Omar, you MUST do the Gangnam style dance in class tomorrow because that would make one hell of a funny .gif

    We all know that the internet is made of magic, Duh!!

    Bringing in mobile phones won’t be a distraction, so far everyone that has a Mac that I see has been to distracted by Photo Booth. Where is this generation going?

    Did Omar just say “a pretty good Netbook”? we all know that they make as much sense as dividing by chair.

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