Blogs I follow

I’m going to keep thing simple for my first post =)

A former science teacher and artists who makes comics about cells! And flow charts detailing how to pronounce niche! Explanations of why biology doesn’t support gay marriage bans! The magic of poop! Videos debating evolution vs yogurt! Oh science. You’re funny. This just appeals to the nerd in me.

 With a tagline of “We come from the future” how can you not love it? I like the blog style posts which break down articles in humorous ways. Plus, the posts are always linked with the original source should I desire more information. Often these posts find their way into my class discussions. Occasionally I visit their sister sites, Jezebel, Gawker, and Lifehacker as well….although most of those posts don’t make it into classroom discussion.

 I would be remiss of I didn’t mention the blog of two of the guys who were early adapters of the flipped classroom method and one of its most vocal/noticed advocate….although I wish their book was published earlier so I could have used it in my master’s defense! This is Jon Bergmann’s blog.

Last, I am a member of ASCD and NSTA, who send me weekly briefs with articles. I find most of my articles/blogs come from one of these two sites: and  I particularly like the technology integration blog from edutopia and the Technology, Industry and Innovation blogs from edweek

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