Podcast episode 50 – The big five-ohhhh – December 13, 2012


We’re not old, we’re seasoned! This is our fiftieth episode and we are pleased to be joined with Tony, Cara and Preston. Of course Omar and I will be there to kick off the festivities. Please subscribe to us on iTunes, download the episode below or listen to it right here on the blog!

  1. Edmodo goes down! – Twice in about a month
    1. Should teachers be worried
    2. Owning your own data
    3. Plan B scenarios
    4. 15 million users on it now
  2. Tony’s Post: https://itbabble.com/2012/12/13/if-you-dont-love-ipads-people-hate-you/
    1. Take the survey please!
    2. Problems rolling them out
    3. What could be better
    4. Is Android a viable option or is it still an iPad world out there?
  3. Producing Tech Savvy Teachers
  4. Proposed title: How to survive a zombie apocalypse…and How to survive a digital world Teach kids to code, collaborate and collate critical content
  5. Cyber Awareness week – Preston was there too! He is everywhere!
    1. Presentation & Panel & Facebook guide
    2. Some good questions: bullying, spying on their kid,
    3. Any tips for parents/students?
  6. The holiday season is upon us any new tech in your future?
  7. Deep fried USBs

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